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Jasper WognumJan 13, 2021 2:17:42 PM2 min read

BrainCreators and Bosch equip control rooms with intelligent digital inspectors

Amsterdam, January 13, 2021 - BrainCreators, the specialists in digital inspection based on AI technology, today announced at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) a partnership with Bosch Energy & Building Solutions Netherlands to equip control rooms with intelligent digital inspection solutions.  This allows control rooms to work more quickly and efficiently, using advanced image analysis within privacy regulations.

Bosch will be the first to integrate the digital inspection solution ARA (Automated Recognition & Anonymization) into its security products. ARA is used to analyze images from Bosch video surveillance cameras and to anonymize them in accordance with privacy regulations. ARA can continuously record data streams from the visual data observed by video surveillance cameras. The system detects people's faces and postures, making them unrecognizable, so the remaining image information can be used to identify surrounding objects. Data is extracted from this to provide real-time insight into processes and information.

The ARA solution has been developed with the BrainMatter platform from BrainCreators. The platform enables BrainCreators to quickly create and offer digital inspectors in a B2B2B model. This enables Bosch Energy & Building Solutions to record its domain knowledge in the field of security in the BrainMatter platform, making it possible to train new digital inspectors. More intelligent digital inspection solutions will be added to Bosch security solutions in the coming year.

The first digital inspector will be rolled out at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. Integrating ARA with airport surveillance cameras will enable Schiphol to perform digital inspection in new ways. Imagine automatically creating a digital twin or digital inspection solution that simultaneously improves a travelers customer experience. In addition, digital inspectors can use the solution for visual asset monitoring, reducing the need for maintenance workers to complete inspection rounds. More intelligent automation solutions will be added to Bosch security solutions in the coming year. Since Bosch Energy & Building Solutions can record its security domain knowledge in the BrainMatter platform, further scalable intelligent automation solutions will be developed.

“Control rooms must be able to act proactively, preventively and reactively, for example when directing emergency services or security personnel and determining which resources must be deployed. That is why we are always looking for the latest technologies and innovations that ensure operators can work as quickly and efficiently as possible, ” says Niels van Doorn, Sr. Manager System, Application & Service Support at Bosch Energy and Building Solutions. “Thanks to the BrainMatter platform we can easily develop intelligent image analysis solutions and we are able to quickly add innovations to our services. This allows us to create added value for our customers.”

Glenn Brouwer, co-founder and CRO of BrainCreators is very enthusiastic about the collaboration: “Bosch has an enormous amount of domain knowledge in the field of security and control room solutions. Because Bosch Energy and Building Solutions shares its domain knowledge with BrainMatter, we can work together with Bosch on new intelligent digital inspection solutions. This ensures that operators are better supported to handle incidents faster, more efficiently and more effectively.”


About Bosch Energy and Building Solutions Netherlands

Bosch Energy and Building Solutions Netherlands, located in Nieuwegein, is part of the Bosch group and supplies, installs and manages a wide range of solutions in the field of safety, security & incident management. Bosch Energy and Building Solutions Netherlands specializes in projects with a higher complexity and is therefore able to offer customized solutions for creating safety, comfort and efficiency in various environments.

Learn more about ARA and request a demo here.