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Intelligent Digital Inspectors

BrainCreators delivers intelligent digital inspectors that automate visual inspection tasks.

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Surface Inspectors

A Digital Surface Quality Inspector
A Digital Road Surface Inspector
A Digital Radar Image Inspector
A Digital Inspector for quality control

Object Inspectors

A Conveyor Belt Item Inspector
A Digital Apparel Inspector
Create your own digital inspector

Spatial Inspectors

A GDPR compliant crowd inspector
A Digital Airport Asset Inspector
Become a domain partner
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About us

BrainCreators' Digital Inspectors are like super-powered employees who are trained on our BrainMatter platform so you can scale your business more Effectively & Cost Efficiently.

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Intelligence Digital Inspectors
powered by Artificial Intelligence

Our clients and partners in various industries transfer their expert knowledge and skill to the BrainMatter platform to develop scalable Digital Inspectors.


Visual inspection of physical and organizational structures and facilities
Visual inspection of goods on large scale production lines
Visual inspection of indoor and outdoor places & spaces
Visual inspection for products, stores, and warehouses
Visual inspection in smart cities, public transport and event spaces
Visual inspection of pipes, cables, and power lines


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A knowledge hub for everything related to digital inspectors and the AI that powers them


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Digital Inspectors accelerate workflows at lower costs.
How to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) without a degree in data science

The 7 habits of highly effective asset management
3 Successful Business Cases in Infrastructure
Revolutions in civil infrastructure management




Monitor spaces,
objects & people



Apply knowledge & skill
to detect changes



Deliver actionable interactive
reports and alerts

Digital Inspectors

Instead of cloning people, we clone digital employees.

BrainCreators delivers Digital Inspectors that reduce cost and improve consistency at an unrivaled speed. Human inspectors can now train their digital counterparts on our award-winning AI-powered software. Once trained, Digital Inspectors perform their jobs as scalable cloud or on-edge solutions.

We're solving the worldwide growing scarcity of manual labor and domain experts.

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Surface Inspectors


Automated visual inspection of surfaces


Object Inspectors


automated visual inspection of objects


Spatial Inspectors


Automated visual inspection of spaces and areas


Your Inspector


Automate visual inspection tasks yourself


“BrainCreators is the deserving winner of the Best New Ecosystem Partner of the Year Award, because with the innovative BrainMatter platform they make AI accessible to every company. BrainMatter enables an increasing number of organizations to run existing core processes better and faster. We are extremely proud that IBM PowerSystems is an integral part of this solution.” Sander Slingerland, Director Global Business Partner Organization at IBM Benelux
“Thanks to the BrainMatter platform we can easily develop intelligent image analysis solutions and we are able to quickly add innovations to our services. This allows us to create added value for our customers.” Niels van Doorn, Sr. Manager System, Application & Service Support at Bosch Energy and Building Solutions
“As edge AI becomes increasingly important, it is vital that we work with partners who are able to combine domain knowledge with a practical mindset to deliver successful projects. We are convinced that BrainCreators can help customers get the best out of Advantech’s Nvidia technologies” Jash Bansidhar, managing director of Advantech Europe
"BrainCreators has developed an impressive platform in a relatively short time that makes digital inspectors accessible. We are proud that with our infrastructure and on-demand services, we can help connect BrainMatter anywhere in the world directly, securely, and dynamically with distributed infrastructure and digital ecosystems." Johan Arts, Senior Vice President at Equinix
"With ARA (Automated Digital Inspector for recognition and anonymization Ed.) we can gain added value from our surveillance images. This includes counting people, traffic flows, human behavior, public safety, automated visual inspections and checking the integrity of assets. This will enable us to make our airport safer and more efficient while meeting legal requirements" Raymond Kossen, Product Manager at Schiphol Group
“The collaboration with BrainCreators is in line with our strategy to work closely with leading technology suppliers. In addition, the BrainMatter platform enables us to simplify processes for our customers with smart technology and significantly reduce the costs of building and implementing intelligent automation solutions.” Jacco Saaman, Business Development & Innovation Director at SPIE