Solutions based on Artificial Intelligence

We fill the gap between abstract concepts and business applications. 



Our added value is a deep understanding of AI technologies, combined with decades of experience in building end-to-end software products.

Machine Intelligence is real now

Significant developments in hardware technology, data processing and cloud storage are enabling companies to improve their business by using AI based solutions.

Big Data

Any AI based solution by requires a big set of data to start with. Nowadays most companies are collecting data in some way.

Large corporates commonly own multiple clusters of big data.

Big data may be neatly stored and processed using Hadoop or Spark,

or tucked away in some legacy system.

Regardless, it is a goldmine for BrainCreators! 

If it's sensitive data we can anonymize it, if it hasn't been collected we can scrape it and if it's unformatted we will convert it.

Affordable hardware

Cloud data storage has become cheap enough to enable working with big data. The need for a big data center full of server racks has evaporated. Training machine brains requires more than data storage. Especially parallel computing power. GPU (parallel) processors are traditionally used as graphics cards. Now manufacturers are rapidly releasing cards with huge processing power, perfectly suitable for deep learning. The best news is: they are reasonably cheap. The combination of cheap data storage and parallel processing power enables AI technology to become mainstream practice.

Building blocks

Most of the theoretical background for machine learning, neural networks and deep learning has been around for decades. A vast body of research has gone into domain specific problems like playing chess, or go, driving vehicles and recognizing faces. Over the past few years many components have gone to market as a commercial technology product, or open source code base. With sufficient AI knowledge and proficient software development skills these building blocks can be combined to create working technology solutions.



The biggest software related hypes of this century have been cloud hosting and big data. Recently the media has shifted it's attention to topics related to Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning, Deep Learning, IoT, and Self Driving Cars are the talk of the town. As with most hyped topics there is also a lot of nonsense being communicated. Robots taking over the planet will not happen in our lifetime at least. The hype does help to raise awareness for the opportunities in many markets and pave the way for systems powered by AI technology. 

As BrainCreators we explore different markets guided by our clients and business partners.

We identify opportunities and create smart solutions. We focus on providing production ready technology components.

We don't replace existing enterprise systems, we improve their performance.