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We provide existing digital inspectors, and train new ones in a matter of weeks. Have you ever onboarded a junior employee that fast?

Our BrainMatter platform is built explicitly to train and employ digital inspectors as a hybrid cloud service, or on-edge, or on-premise.


BrainCreators Digital Inspectors for Infrastructure

Digital inspectors perform real-time identification of anomalies, maximize utilization of human resources, and allow customers to maintain infrastructure cost-effectively.


BrainCreators Digital Inspectors for manufacturing

Digital inspectors improve issue detection and resolution in manufacturing. They can operate around the clock, reacting to issues as they arise.

real estate

BrainCreators Digital Inspectors for real estate

Digital inspectors automatically recognize and classify deviations from plans and regulations, detect errors and changes to trigger an immediate action based on business rules.

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Digital Road Inspection

road inspection

Not an inch of the road remains unseen when a digital inspector checks the road surface for issues.

Scanners record every lane meticulously. The digital inspector reviews the footage and detects defects and miscellaneous issues at superhuman speed. 

Human road inspectors spend the majority of their time reviewing road footage manually. They mark each visible defect in a complex software interface. Next, a report would be created and presented to the road authorities or maintenance company.

The Inspech digital inspector was developed with road experts from Unihorn to provide consistent, high-quality road assessments worldwide faster than ever.

Clients only perform a quick review of the digital inspector's output and publish the results as an interactive report. They can trust the results because the digital inspector learned from the best: human road inspectors.


surface inspection

Steel sheets race through production lines in factory halls. It used to be impossible to check every inch of steel sheet manually at this pace in hazardous environments.

Digital inspectors perform this task continuously and consistently, ensuring quality requirements are met. Now, human experts focus on steelmaking instead of steel checking.

Before digital inspectors, the only option was to have experts sample the steel quality in a continuous cycle of 8-hour shifts, aided by outdated systems.

Today, steel experts are training their digital inspector 'Rosa' to deal with changes in the steel composition from the comfort of their office.

Surface inspection is a generic task in production processes and digital inspectors easily adapt to different products and materials throughout factories.

The Rosa* digital steel quality inspector was developed with Tata Steel Europe to provide consistent, high-quality steel quality assessment in real-time.
*Rosa was named after a human steel inspector's daughter by his request.


asset inspection

People are surrounded by massive amounts of assets. We expect everything to be in working condition, ready to serve us. 

Commercial and public real estate must be built, maintained, and monitored 24/7 as efficiently as possible. Stakeholders must make sure that the state of all assets is on par with expectations to keep crowds happy.

Asset management in professional real estate currently requires a huge amount of human resources, systems, planning, and services.

Digital inspectors automatically report on the operational state, location, and quality of assets in any public or private space. Responding to changes before your visitors even notice them, while respecting their privacy.

At Schiphol Amsterdam Airport we taught a digital inspector to monitor assets. To protect privacy we created the ARA service for automated recognition and anonymization on the edge.

ARA ensures that all individuals are anonymized before camera footage is presented to digital inspectors.



How to use AI without a degree in data science

There are many industries where AI is already being applied to maximise value, reduce waste and increase employee safety. This ebook explores how companies are already deriving value from intelligent automation in in infrastructure, real estate and construction

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