automated recognition & anonymization 

Taking privacy issues out of the picture
Automated recognition and anonymization allow organizations to use Surveillance Video footage for any purpose while complying with GDPR regulations.
Monetizing your footage
ARA enables you to monetize camera footage in new ways, such as automated visual inspection. Forget manually performed inspections and radically improve performance with a digital inspector on your team.

  • Faster, consistent & reliable anonymization
  • Fully compliant with GDPR standards
  • Supports batch and streaming modes
  • Available in private cloud and on-premise for extra security
  • Integrates with existing security camera infrastructure
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Digital inspectors to modify sensitive camera footage

ARA (automated recognition & anonymization) home

Integrated safety measures in the form of centralized video surveillance and management systems are widely adopted. Surveillance Video cameras and drones collect visual data from traffic movement, assets, crime and public safety. Security staff monitor video footage and respond to real-time events. However, tracking every individual’s activity in crowded spaces is almost impossible. AI can help detect anomalies in people’s behavior or the position and physical state of objects. Using AI requires the transferring of camera footage over the internet or sharing with third parties for automated processing. Therefore the privacy of people and their identifiable assets must be secured.


Anonymized footage enables:

  • Real-time automated crowd monitoring
  • Digital visual inspection of physical assets
  • Anomaly detection in indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Social distancing detection and alerts
  • R&D with partners and startups based on the anonymized footage

Key benefits

  • Use every image or video stream safely
  • Comply with GDPR regulations
  • Share footage with third parties
  • Unlock intelligent automation
  • Maintain people’s right to be unseen
  • Showcase your application of AI technology


  • All in one, end to end solution
  • On-premise processing for maximum security (edge)
  • Private cloud anonymized data storage
  • BrainMatter visual inspection integration
  • Near 100% accuracy
  • Enterprise-level hardware & software
  • State of the art AI technology under the hood

Available as

  • Standard - Process a small set of camera’s continuously
  • Enterprise - Process large volumes continuously



Surveillance video cameras perceive indoor and outdoor spaces across the globe, collecting vast amounts of visual data. Continuous data streams are ingested by the ARA system.



ARA detects humans by recognizing faces, postures, and proprietary auxiliary features without identifying individuals in the footage. For video, motion tracking algorithms are added to avoid flickering.



ARA processes each frame to anonymize all humans with a selection of masks such as facial blurring or full body masking. This rules out any form of identification or profiling and is fully compliant with GDPR regulations.

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