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BrainCreatorsNov 11, 2021 4:52:37 PM2 min read

BrainCreators and Unihorn extend their partnership to conquer the road maintenance market with INSPECH, the AI-based digital road inspector

Long-term collaboration allows road pavement to be inspected even faster, more cost-effectively, and consistently.

Amsterdam, November 10, 2021 - BrainCreators, the innovative specialist in the field of digital inspectors powered by AI technology, and Unihorn, an innovative road pavement and infrastructure consultancy, today announced that they have extended their cooperation by three years in order to capture the road pavement and road marking market with their intelligent digital road inspector INSPECH.

INSPECH is a digital inspector that takes over domain knowledge from a human road inspector, allowing visual road inspection to be automated. This eliminates the need for manual visual road inspections, allowing road inspections to be performed consistently, faster and safer at lower operational costs. The goal of INSPECH is to do the bulk of the repetitive manual work under human supervision..

To further refine the detection of road conditions, Unihorn and BrainCreators will be collecting even more data in the coming period. In the near future, INSPECH will also be able to compare analyses with data collected in previous years, allowing for a more proactive maintenance regime. This will allow local authorities to solve the challenges they have earlier in the life cycle by protecting, preserving, and rejuvenating roads when they are in good condition as well as preparing them before major treatments such as surface dressing takes place, which means money can be diverted to those roads that are in urgent need of repair in a targeted way. The early intervention treatments will not only be cost effective, they are also significantly contributing to carbon savings.

"Thanks to the collaboration with BrainCreators, we have been able to successfully introduce INSPECH to the market," said Jeroen Bleeker, business manager at Unihorn. "It is, therefore, a logical step for us to extend the partnership with BrainCreators and we can't wait to market INSPECH internationally."

"We are very happy with the extension because with Unihorn's help we can successfully bring INSPECH to the Dutch market. Without Unihorn's valuable domain knowledge this would be very difficult," said Glenn Brouwer, Co-founder, and CRO of BrainCreators. "The past year has seen a lot of demand for INSPECH's services both nationally and internationally, which has also resulted in more new data being collected. Over the next three years, we will be able to start comparing this data with new data enabling a more proactive maintenance regime."

More information about INSPECH can be found at:

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