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The Automagic Podcast: Building communities and inclusive AI together

Even in 2022, women are still very underrepresented in the tech industry. This is unfortunate, because more diversity ensures that organizations solve problems better, are more innovative and more creative. This is because different employees have different ideas. When organizations hire people who do things differently, they also gain different insights.

Jasper Wognum speaks in this episode with Oliviana Bailey, the ambassador for Women in AI Netherlands. Women in AI (WAI) is a non-profit organization working on inclusive AI. They are community driven and encourage empowerment, knowledge and active collaboration through education, research, events and blogs. At Women in AI, they empower women and minorities to become AI & Data experts, innovators and leaders.

During the podcast, Oliviana talks about her career at Rockstart and Hyperion Lab and how she became an ambassador for WAI. She also explains what WAI does, why it is important, how to build a community and how to set up an AI program as an accelerator.




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