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BrainCreators Feb 16, 2023 3:24:46 PM < 1 min read

From startup to Rockstar(t)!

Many people want to be their own boss. After all, nothing beats the flexibility of creating your own schedule and not being accountable to anyone. Many people therefore start a startup. But how do you start a startup? And what are the challenges? Jasper Wognum talks with Rune Theill, co-founder and CEO of Rockstart.

Rockstart is europe's largest early stage investor and accelerator that provides access to capital, community and expertise by connecting founders with investors, mentors, partners and corporates.

Before founding Rockstart, Rune launched a number of startups. One failed pre-market and another was later sold to a competitor. In this podcast, Rune explains why Rockstart was founded, how the organization supports startups and how the startup ecosystem has evolved in recent years. He also explains what a startup accelerator program looks like, what challenges most startups face and how they can find investors.




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