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BrainCreatorsJan 24, 2023 2:28:53 PM1 min read


BrainCreators presents new digital harbor inspector SEAGULL. SEAGULL is a digital inspector that tracks all incoming and outgoing harbor traffic 24/7, delivering analytics and actionable alerts. Seagull is accessible Software as a Service that uses existing camera infrastructure. 

SEAGULL Screenshot

According to research by Ainsworth, security officers miss 95% of all visible activity after watching monitor screens for 20 minutes. Unfortunately, this allows undesirable activities to occur in international ports of all sizes.

Seagulls have excellent vision and are incredibly clever. Our digital Seagull recognizes many different vessel types, measures the speed of passing vessels, and records entry and exit times. Thanks to its clear dashboard, operators get a total overview of activities with detailed views of vessel types, dates, times, directions, and speeds. In case of violations, SEAGULL alerts operators to allow for immediate action, triggering early intervention and ensuring maritime safety. In addition, SEAGULL enables users to easily observe and analyze trends, allowing them to take preventative measures. Finally, SEAGULL automatically keeps a logbook for future evaluation. 

Want to know more about SEAGULL or interested in a subscription?

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