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Glenn BrouwerOct 9, 2020 10:27:13 AM1 min read

BrainCreators & SPIE collaborate to make intelligent automation accessible

BrainCreators and SPIE have announced a new collaboration to develop smarter processes for the real estate, infrastructure and industrial industries. This enables SPIE customers to apply the accumulated experience of SPIE as scalable automation. At the same time, SPIE will use BrainMatter to optimize its own processes.

Thanks to the BrainMatter platform, SPIE and its customers can apply intelligent automation without having to worry about the technical complexity of artificial intelligence (AI). By showing BrainMatter examples of normal and abnormal situations, the platform can learn new skills very quickly. BrainMatter then compares the actual situation as it is perceived to the situation as it should be - for each deviation a rule can be defined in BrainMatter that initiates actions. These actions can be seamlessly integrated into other processes or systems.

In the future BrainCreators and SPIE expect to expand this partnership to other countries.

Jacco Saaman, Business Development & Innovation Director at SPIE said “The collaboration with BrainCreators is in line with our strategy to work closely with leading technology suppliers. In addition, the BrainMatter platform enables us to simplify processes for our customers with smart technology and significantly reduce the costs of building and implementing intelligent automation solutions. ”

Glenn Brouwer, Co-Founder and CRO of BrainCreators is very enthusiastic about the collaboration, “SPIE has an enormous amount of domain knowledge in the field of real estate, infrastructure and industrial processes. Because SPIE shares its domain knowledge with the BrainMatter platform, we can work together with SPIE on intelligent automation, which will ultimately benefit the entire chain.”

About SPIE Netherlands

SPIE Netherlands is a subsidiary of the SPIE Group, the European leader in technical services in the field of energy and communication. SPIE Nederland assists its customers in the design, implementation, operation and maintenance of network systems, as well as energy, infrastructure and industrial installations and buildings. SPIE Netherlands is one of the top three largest technical service providers in the Netherlands.