Launch of FashionBrain: a cutting edge AI fashion platform

Last week saw the official launch of a cutting edge AI fashion platform, FashionBrain, that BrainCreators has created with with the US-based fashion company, Runway Manhattan.

For years, Runway Manhattan has supplied fashion photos, videos and copy to publishers worldwide. This new platform is designed to make it easier for publishers to quickly track down specific red-carpet images. FashionBrain processes a huge dataset of annotated fashion photography using AI models that automatically tag fashion photos, selecting from thousands of industry tags such as hair colour, clothing style, and accessories.

“A lot of the concepts that a fashion editor looks at and fashion editors would look for in imagery are actually detected properly, accurately, and detected within milliseconds. The system will be able to pass through hundreds and thousands of images and display a result that will help make stories about the Oscars.” Markus Muller, Founder and Editorial Director of Runway Manhattan explained.

Last week they released a small version that tags about 400 keywords, however the full service will be able to tag more than 20,000 keywords from an image. The team plans to launch more versions throughout the year that will also be able to incorporate natural language processing, to suggest text and research.

Do you want to see FashionBrain in action? Take a look at the demo website here.