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Glenn Brouwer Nov 12, 2020 11:09:35 AM 1 min read

Unlocking human expertise


Every asset manager has a degree of expert knowledge in which both time and resources have been invested. These employees play a crucial role in the efficient operation of their organisation, however because their expertise lies in their soft skills this valuable resource is lost when they leave the organisation.

In our new ebook "The 7 habits of highly effective asset management" we share a number of ways in which you can 'unlock' your organisations human expertise.  

The solution is to transfer human expertise into an automated form. The intelligent automation of tasks related to human perception and decision making is a very specific application of AI, one that combines the best of human and artificial intelligence.

It works by taking what machines are good at – for example, continually operating at the same level with full attention – and combining it with the creativity, awareness, and emotional experience that can only be provided by people.

Researchers have been grappling with the challenge of automating human expertise for decades. Thanks to AI, machines can be taught to perform specialised tasks by learning, instead of being explicitly programmed.

This allows the human domain expert to actively transfer their knowledge to a machine. The objective to automate highly repetitive tasks of human experts, rather then replace them. The goal is to relieve highly repetitive work of human personnel and allow them to focus where their expertise is best utilised.

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