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BrainCreatorsFeb 1, 2022 11:07:35 PM1 min read

Determining the lifetime of airport runways

An airport taxiway and runway is not a simple piece of asphalt. It must be able to accommodate heavy aircraft landing at high speeds. In order to avoid any risk during takeoff and landing, it is important to know the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) and the structural residual life of runways. PCI is an example of a traditional engineering approach, which requires manual examination of the pavement.

With the rise of digital and evaluation of technologies such as machine learning, manual inspections are becoming less labor intensive, more consistent and faster. Today’s inspections are more and more performed with HD video images.

Our Digital Inspector - INSPECH augments the human inspection tasks by rapidly analyzing these captured video images of road surfaces and classifying road damages against the Pavement Condition Index, allowing for increased consistency, speed, and more detailed actionable insights. In addition, a Digital Inspector enables multi scan comparisons, providing trend analysis and forecasting suggestions to the human inspector. By comparing the PCI values of previous inspections with the new results found, a forecast for the development of the PCI value for the coming years can be established automatically. This makes it possible to reliably determine the optimal time and type of maintenance with the corresponding budgets.

Find out how our Digital Inspector - INSPECH is employed to determine the lifetime of airport runways.

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