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Intelligent Digital Inspectors

BrainCreators delivers intelligent digital inspectors that automate visual inspection tasks.

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Surface Inspectors

A Digital Surface Quality Inspector
A Digital Road Surface Inspector
A Digital Radar Image Inspector
A Digital Inspector for quality control

Object Inspectors

A Conveyor Belt Item Inspector
A Digital Apparel Inspector
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Spatial Inspectors

A GDPR compliant crowd inspector
A Digital Airport Asset Inspector
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BrainCreators' Digital Inspectors are like super-powered employees who are trained on our BrainMatter platform so you can scale your business more Effectively & Cost Efficiently.

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Intelligence Digital Inspectors
powered by Artificial Intelligence

Our clients and partners in various industries transfer their expert knowledge and skill to the BrainMatter platform to develop scalable Digital Inspectors.


Visual inspection of physical and organizational structures and facilities
Visual inspection of goods on large scale production lines
Visual inspection of indoor and outdoor places & spaces
Visual inspection for products, stores, and warehouses
Visual inspection in smart cities, public transport and event spaces
Visual inspection of pipes, cables, and power lines


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A Digital Surface Quality Inspector

A Digital Inspector for manufacturing

Manufacturers aim to deliver the highest quality at the lowest cost during the production or assembly process. At the same time regulations need to be met and worker safety must be guaranteed at all times.

A wide range of assets, from halls and machines, to materials and products must be closely monitored for potential hazards, defects, and quality issues. Physical inspection of all this requires a vast amount of deep knowledge due to product variables and ever-changing circumstances on factory floors. If manufacturers fail to detect issues, they are unable to take immediate remedial action resulting in loss of margin, or worse. 

Digital inspectors for physical inspection in manufacturing can prevent problems from escalating or happening in the first place. In most factories, proprietary knowledge has accumulated in the brains of a small group of domain experts.

Years of experience and fine-tuned skills are almost impossible to replace, but inevitably your most experienced staff members will reach their retirement age. Protecting their knowledge by transferring it to BrainMatter as learning examples and detection skills, combined with actionable business rules is crucial.




Industrial machines are, or can be equipped with industry-grade cameras that record every detail of product surfaces on the production line.



Digital Inspectors are trained to detect even the slightest anomaly in a wide range of potential defects and



The detections of the digital product surface inspector are used to trigger alerts and inform staff about the quality level of new products.

Digital inspectors for manufacturing

Surface Quality Inspector

Digital inspectors automate the recognition of assets, the interpretation of their current state and initiates actions to resolve issues. 

BrainMatter streamlines the process of automating tasks that require a level of knowledge, experience and skill.

It eliminates manual processing with the attendant risk of human error, ensuring inspections are undertaken at an optimal frequency and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Automate assembly checks
  • Conveyor belt inspection
  • Item recognition, counting, picking and sorting
  • Remote machine monitoring
  • Automated product quality inspection
  • Change and anomaly detection
  • Normative process checking
  • Seal and package inspection
  • Object tracking
  • Robot Vision
  • Pollution detection


  • Reducing operational risk and preventing downtime
  • Improving the quality of products and customer satisfaction
  • Improving safety and regulatory compliance


  • Keep track of materials, tools, people, and vehicles in real-time
  • Control picking, sorting, and counting on production lines
  • Automate quality control on the production line


  • Move domain experts from factory floors to offices, while increasing performance
  • Monitor compliance to safety regulations, social distancing and tool usage
  • Provide a more accurate quality based pricing model to customers

Discover our Digital Inspectors for:


Digital inspectors streamline infrastructure construction and maintenance

Construction & Real Estate

Fast, consistent and accurate inspection of critical assets prevents serious damage and lowers cost


Efficient maintenance of structures, networks and assets starts with regular inspection at low cost

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