INSPECH automated road inspection

Regional road authorities spend billions of euros a year on the maintenance of roads, traffic signs, street lights and bridges. The inspection is a time-consuming task requiring a great amount of human effort. Delays lead to more significant problems such as costly repairs, major traffic delays and can even cause accidents.

The earlier issues are detected and more frequently they are checked, the better they can be addressed, reducing emergency repairs that shut down roads and cause traffic jams. By automating road inspection authorities will save time and money and improve public safety.

  • Get faster, more consistent & reliable results
  • Fully compliant with road assessment standards
  • Share reports with ease in a cloud-based SaaS environment
  • Inspect more roads in less time
  • Reduce road maintenance costs and maintain road safety
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Digital inspectors for road surfaces

Inspech digital road inspector


Inspech's digital inspectors, created on the BrainMatter platform perform real-time identification of anomalies, maximize the utilization of human resources, and allow companies to maintain infrastructure at a lower cost. 

Eliminate manual footage reviews, exclude the risk of human inconsistency, ensure inspections at the optimal frequency, and comply with regulatory requirements.


  • Video inspection is a time-consuming, monotonous task
  • Limited availability of certified inspectors at any given time 
  • Each road inspectors judgment is subjective and often inconsistent if several inspectors are involved
  • There's significant variability in annotations of road damage produced by humans


  • Improving speed, consistency, reliability and results of road inspections as a service
  • Accurately predicting road conditions at an earlier stage
  • Increasing coverage area per inspector
  • Visualizing overall road condition results efficiently 
  • Frictionless integration with existing data sources
  • Reducing road maintenance costs
  • Achieving safer and more secure road environments 


  • Undertaking video and image analysis by a domain expert
  • Augmenting work orders for better insights and immediate action 
  • Scaling your digital intelligence throughout your organisation and ecosystem 
  • Continuously improving with a feedback loop 
  • Gaining new insights into road conditions
  • Exporting to .xls and GIS-format


  • Reducing manual road inspection time from weeks to seconds
  • Reacting within seconds to detected road condition changes
  • Increasing efficiency of road maintenance with improved meantime to repair conditions



Inspech views kilometers of captured road video taken by a specially modified car equipped with a camera for visual road inspection.



Inspech learns to recognise segments of road surface conditions based on the country guidelines in days versus weeks. 



Inspech users define rules to initiate follow-up actions when damage has been recognized, such as a notification or signal to an asset management system so a road maintenance work order can be initiated. 

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