Terminal inspection


Reliable and efficient inspection, monitoring and control of assets

Owners and Operators of physical assets must ensure that assets comply with mandatory safety and operational regulations throughout the entire asset life cycle. Traditionally manual checks are performed, and inspection reports are generated, which doesn't allow technicians to be proactive and address asset issue in real-time.

This AI Solution helps to capture, detect, and locate facility asset management issues and create instant inspection reports with a complete overview of the current condition. Monitor inspection activities and schedule priorities drastically reduce work tickets, leading to a decrease in time and costs. 

If a defective asset requires replacement the Technician can now quickly identify it on the generated map of assets, saving time and optimising costs.

Key benefits

  • Improving asset visibility and situation/location awareness
  • Monitoring and detecting asset changes by comparing the actual physical asset against the digital twin version
  • Decreasing the number of asset checks performed by Asset Managers
  • Reducing the risk of business disruption
  • Integrating with existing workflows and systems so stakeholders can be automatically informed 
  • Avoiding capital expenditures through increased efficiency
  • Supporting health and safety initiatives
  • Keeping pace with new regulatory requirements
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  • Facility and Asset Managers curate examples
  • BrainMatter views assets
  • Facility and Asset Managers review new data


  • BrainMatter learns to interpret quality checks, ensuring assets are in the correct locations and in the right condition
  • BrainMatter interprets anomalies
  • Retrain BrainMatter on changes


  • Facility and Asset Managers define the rules
  • BrainMatter initiates actions
  • Evaluate actions and extend


  • Acquire data and distribute captured data for annotations
  • Video and image analysis by a domain expert leveraging model assisted labeling
  • Leverage AI trained models for instant reality check against the norm. Augment work orders with better insights and immediate action
  • Implement your AI powered application in the field
  • Expand and scale your digital intelligence throughout organisation and ecosystem
  • Continuous improvement and feedback loop

BrainMatter intelligent automation for visual asset inspection and monitoring




Improving on-time performance whilst reducing operational costs

Increasing inspection efficiency, quality and information exchange

Increasing time to repair and first-time right fix rate

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The intelligent automation platform for visual asset monitoring and inspection.

Asset-intensive industries require an integrated physical and digital view of assets, equipment, buildings and processes. BrainMatter provides a platform for intelligent automation of tasks that follows a perceive - decide - respond pattern.

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