real estate

Fast, consistent and accurate inspection of critical assets

Challenges in real estate

Owning, managing, maintaining or building large commercial real estate demands consistency between reality and planning.

  • Is every part where it should be?
  • Are assets changing position or deteriorating?
  • Are there any defects?
  • Is it possible to determine the cause and effect of these changes?

Asset management in professional real estate currently requires a huge amount of human resources, systems, planning and services.

At construction sites approximately one third of the time is spent on transports, rearrangements, downtimes and the search for materials. Around 90% of megaprojects are significantly delayed, over budget or display other deviations from planning. All of these factors cause unnecessary costs for the companies involved in the construction process.

Digital inspectors can increase efficiency throughout the entire value chain – from the production of building materials to the design, planning and construction phase itself.


Digital inspectors for real estate

Perceive Decide Respond

Digital inspectors on the edge automatically assess every visible asset via images, video, underground radar, point cloud, lidar, and heatmaps. They automatically recognize and classify deviations from plans and regulations, defects, and changes which trigger an immediate action based on logical next best action rules.

Digital inspectors running on BrainMatter seamlessly connect to asset management systems such as IBM Maximo for a fully automated inflow of trouble tickets, resulting in resolutions that solve problems before they’re even noticed.

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  • Automate common tasks and reduce the risk of human error, mitigate risks and reduce the number of accidents
  • Continuously align reality with plans and digital representations
  • Integrate with existing workflows and systems, so stakeholders can be informed automatically

BIM & Digital Twin

  • Automatically detect possible clashes, delays and changes in the construction process 
  • Compare the presence, location and state of physical assets in reality to the Building Information Model (BIM)
  • Generate inventory assessments and use them to enrich digital twins

Direct response

  • Dramatically shorten time from issue appearance to resolution
  • Optimise customer experience through on time performance and delivery of construction supplies
  • Avoid the need for more costly correction at a later stage 

use cases for real estate

  • Asset monitoring (degradation over time)
  • Fixed and mobile asset inspection
  • Tracking of movement
  • Security alerts for strange behavior, movement or left luggage
  • Reducing operational risks (trip holes, loose ceiling elements, wires etc)
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Error detection
  • BIM actualization and auto change detection
  • Digital twin updating and asset recognition
  • Damage investigation

Digital inspectors in action: Schiphol Airport

As one of the world’s leading digital airports, Schiphol is looking to increase its level of customer satisfaction through process optimization. Schiphol presented us with the following goals:

  • Showcase current technological possibilities, developments and challenges
  • Discover new use cases related to Pointclouds
  • Identify leaders/visionary companies to work with in the future

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