Pure FlashBlade®

"Pure FlashBlade® offers High-Performance Cloud-Optimized Object Storage. Addressing the shift toward applications requiring modern data, Pure FlashBlade® is the industry's most advanced solution delivering native scale-out file and object storage.

As deep learning and GPU processors replace legacy approaches, your data demands a next-gen storage solution that can drive time-to-insight.


  • Cloud optimized - delivering cloud-like simplicity and agility with consistent high-performance and control
  • Simplicity - deploying, updating and managing Flashblade is hassle-free with an innovative architecture that consolidates multiple modern workloads
  • Agility - get fast file and object capabilities with native multiprotocol support
  • Performance - engineered to deliver massive throughput with low wait time and high performance, regardless of data type or size

FlashBlade Specifications


  • Start with 7 blades and simply add blades to scale up to 150 blades
  • Each blade adds capacity and performance



  • Up to 15 GB/s bandwidth with 15 blades in a single chassis
  • Up to 24M NFS IOPS in a single cluster with 150 blades


  • 8x 40Gb/s or 32x 10Gb/s Ethernet ports / chassis
  • 2x FlashBlade External Fabric Modules (XFM) to scale up to 150 blades


  • 4U per chassis
  • 1,800 watts per chassis (nominal at full configuration)