BrainCreators is your IBM hardware partner for the power 9 AC922.

To build BrainMatter, we scoured the market for the best accelerated servers and tested them. IBM Power Systems was the clear leader, combining NVIDIA NVLink with IBM CPU technology to outperform competitors. As the same technology that powers the world’s fastest supercomputers Sierra and Summit, we knew that Power Systems was the right platform to make short work of highly data-intensive use cases. 

In designing our architecture, we replicated the IBM recommended approach, opting for a containerized design built on Linux and orchestrated by Kubernetes.

With BrainMatter up and running, we can construct AI models for asset inspection, monitoring and control, quickly and easily. With the powerful IBM server platform, we can rapidly train the models with millions of images, enabling them to identify patterns and make accurate predictions about asset condition.

  • Set yourself up for success with IBM’s powerful Power9 technology
  • Ultra-fast data enrichment
  • Turn data into value by adding knowledge
  • Powerful GPU server
  • Train and test AI models at scale
  • Predictable, secure and available
  • Easy AI deployment
  • Industry leading Reliability, Availability and Serviceability
  • Excellent configuration & setup