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Our clients and partners in various industries transfer their expert knowledge and skill to the BrainMatter platform to develop scalable Digital Inspectors.


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Unihorn and BrainCreators partner to create an intelligent solution for visual road inspection

Unihorn and BrainCreators have announced a collaboration to build an intelligent solution for visual road inspection. This solution will digitalise the inspection process, diminishing the need for Inspectors to manually detect road defects.

The intelligent solution, “INSPECH”, will soon be able to detect damage to roads using camera images. The images are taken by a specially modified car equipped with a camera for visual road inspection. “INSPECH” contains proprietary algorithms that automatically classify road surface segments, in accordance with guidelines of the governing bodies CROW and Rijkswaterstaat. This allows the solution to provide immediate insight into which road segments are due for maintenance. If the acceptable standard is exceeded, an Inspector will be informed immediately via an automatic ticket, which is then forwarded to the relevant road authority. This ultimately enables the inspection of roads to occur faster, more cheaply, safely and efficiently. Additionally, Inspectors will no longer be called out and can make decisions from the office.

“INSPECH” will be powered by the BrainMatter platform. BrainMatter will enable Unihorn domain experts to add their specialist knowledge of visual road inspections and advise which labels are useful. This results in correctly annotated data, making it possible to quickly develop a structured and well-balanced data set. As a result “INSPECH” can automatically recognize assets and detect damage such as cracks or fraying (stone loss).

“The road network in the Netherlands is made up of some of the most dense traffic infrastructure in the world. We are therefore continuously innovating to provide road authorities with the best information, in order for us to keep the road network in good condition, ”said Jeroen Bleeker, Manager at Unihorn. “Thanks to the collaboration with BrainCreators, we have acquired an innovative technology with the BrainMatter platform that enables us to launch our visual road inspection solution, “INSPECH”, together with our partners.”

Glenn Brouwer, Co-Founder and CRO of BrainCreators said “Through combining Road Inspectors domain knowledge with BrainMatter in “INSPECH”, we can make the process of visual road inspection more intelligent. This will result in road inspections being performed more efficiently, safely and at lower operating costs.”

More information about “INSPECH” can be found at