Automated item sorting

Identify, separate and sort different classes of items through visual object recognition

The automatic sorting of items by conventional means, within the waste industry for example, has reached its limit. Leftover items must be sorted manually which is a tedious, slow and fault-prone solution.

By combining visual inspection and robotic sorting it's now possible to perform the hard sorting tasks that used to be reserved for human intervention. The results are achieved 3 times faster, more consistently and safely. This makes it possible to start new separating and sorting projects that weren’t viable in the past, enabling new business models and creating sustainable processes that leave us with fewer waste products.

Key benefits

  • Increasing flexibility and new business opportunities due to rapid recognition capabilities
  • Increasing efficiency due to improved sorting accuracy and higher numbers of sorting units
  • Reducing manual labor and improving machine operator safety
  • Ease of use minimizes retrofit costs and downtime 
  • Lowering costs due to 24/7 productivity uptime


  • Recycling Operators curate examples
  • BrainMatter specifies classes, items and products or assets
  • Recycling Operators review the data


  • BrainMatter learns how to interpret a large number of items within separate classes
  • BrainMatter learns to separate and sort items
  • Retrain BrainMatter on new classes or changes in existing ones


  • Recycling Operators define which rules to apply
  • BrainMatter initiates actions based on these rules
  • Evaluates the actions and extend


  • Acquiring and ingesting data in BrainMatter
  • Video and image analysis undertaken by a domain expert is made easy with model-assisted labeling
  • Leverage resulting models for instant decision making and immediate action
  • Implement the solution at the edge
  • Expanding and scaling automated item sorting throughout your organisation and ecosystem
  • Continuous improvement and feedback loop


Increased sorting accuracy and consistency

Reducing time it takes to perform sorting tasks

Continuously growing the number of item classes that can be reliably detected

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Asset-intensive industries require an integrated physical and digital view of assets, equipment, buildings and processes. BrainMatter provides a platform for intelligent automation of tasks that follows a perceive - decide - respond pattern.

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