Factory video surveillance


Real-time intelligent automation for video surveillance

Integrated safety measures which include centralized video surveillance and management systems are widely adopted. CCTV cameras and in some cases, drones, collect data on traffic movement, assets, crime and public safety. Security personnel monitor video footage and respond to real-time events, however, tracking every individual's activity in crowded spaces is almost impossible. AI can detect attributes of persons or objects and automatically recognize movement, condition, and context to prevent suspicious activity and increase safety. This solution can be used to enforce measures related to COVID-19, such as social distancing.


  • Too many video-feeds to monitor in real-time
  • Manual review is time-consuming and fault-prone
  • Critical events are missed as humans lose 95% of their ability to maintain attention to discern significant events after 20 minutes

Key benefits

  • Quick reaction to rule-breaking events, such as motion detections
  • Easy to search patterns across time and locations
  • Detection of a high number of objects and the ability to trace them
  • The use of AI in the form of computer vision in combination with cameras at the construction site might mitigate risks and reduce the number of accidents greatly
  • The use of Intelligent Automation for Surveillance in combination with cameras, at the factory plant might mitigate risks and reduce the number of accidents greatly
  • Support factory workers to find tools faster
  • Increase safety in operating machinery


  • Plant Manager(s) / CCTV operator(s) curates examples
  • BrainMatter views factory areas, assets, people, products that needs surveillance
  • Plant Manager(s) / CCTV operator(s) reviews new data


  • BrainMatter learns to interpret surveillance areas and patterns, like crime prevention, employee monitoring, security, safety and social distancing
  • BrainMatter interprets anomalies
    Retrain BrainMatter on changes


  • Plant Manager(s) / CCTV operator(s) defines rules
  • BrainMatter initiates actions
  • Evaluate actions and extend


  • Acquire data from cameras and distribute captured data for annotations
  • Video/ image analysis by domain expert leveraging model assistant labeling
  • Leverage AI trained models for instant reality check against norm or plan. And augment work orders in IBM Maximo with better insights and immediate action
  • Deploy your AI powered inference in your existing/new cameras
  • Expand and scale your digital intelligence at the edge
  • Continuous improvement and feedback loop


Reduce average time to detect a surveillance breach

Increase in labor productivity as the time field workers and machinery can be used more efficiently

Enables operators to work faster and more precisely for longer periods

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