Intelligent automation for asset inspection and monitoring

Anything that can be perceived and interpreted is applicable for intelligent automation. 

In our ebook "How to use Artificial Intelligence without a degree in data science" we explore how companies across a range of industries are using intelligent automation for asset inspection and monitoring.

Intelligent automation

BrainMatter compares a norm or taxonomy of objects, defects and anomalies to the physical world, automatically identifying issues and changes to initiate an action when necessary. Rather than employing people in the repetitive role of asset monitoring, the process of perception, interpretation and reaction can now be transferred to a machine.

There are three stages in this process, which we refer to as perceive, decide and respond. We go into these stages in more depth in another blog, but they can be summarised as follows:

1) What do you see?

2) What does not look right?

3) What action must be taken?

Intelligent learning

A virtually unlimited number of similar tasks can be automated by BrainMatter. Images, videos, and other visual representations are uploaded, sorted, and filtered. The full set can be easily viewed and cleaned before further processing, using intelligent sorting and filtering techniques. Next, a set of examples is created, specifying what the object looks like in its normal state and what possible deviations look like.

BrainMatter then learns from the examples and humans evaluate its performance until the platform has become accurate enough to perform the task by itself. To be able to take concrete action, BrainMatter can be configured to follow rules, send alerts, create tickets, and integrate with existing process management systems. The entire task of observing, assessing, and responding can then be run in the cloud, a central device or on local edge devices.

Intelligent knowledge management

As a bonus, intelligent automation explicitly records the knowledge and experience of your most knowledgeable domain experts. Their knowledge is now secured and made available to current and future employees.

BrainCreators has a proven track record of delivering successful solutions based on AI technology. Our domain expertise and skills in the field of intelligent automation will improve the performance of your employees and optimise your profit margins.

Learn more about how different industries use intelligent automation for inspection and monitoring  in our free ebook.


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