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At BrainCreators we know that ultimately AI is all about people.  About opening up to the world of AI and intelligent automation. Understanding eliminates fear, and curiosity sparks innovation.  Machine intelligence originates in the power of our collective brains.


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Optimizing infrastructure management at Schiphol

How artificial intelligence can combine Pointclouds, photos, BIM and GIS models to deliver improved...

Building an intelligent solution for visual road inspection

Many infrastructure owners struggle to maintain their assets at an optimal maintenance frequency...

Unlocking human expertise

AI intelligently automates repetitive tasks within asset management settings, delivering value...

Gaining a sustainable, competitive advantage with AI


Earlier this year a McKinsey report linked poor financial performance by the construction and building technology industry to slow adoption of technology, noting that productivity has dropped over the last 30 years while rising in other industries.

However, we believe there are at least 5 innovations that are starting to disrupt civil infrastructure management., artificial Intelligence (AI)...

Perceive, Decide and Respond

Anything that can be perceived and interpreted is applicable for intelligent automation.

3 practical business cases in asset and maintenance management

3 case studies that illustrate how artificial intelligence can streamline workflows and improve...

The 7 habits of highly effective asset management

Follow the habits outlined in this e-book and you will be well on the way to better margins with a...



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BNR's Science Today podcast

Why astronomers and businesses want to create faster self-learning machines together?

In this podcast you will hear Joeri van Leeuwen, astronomer at ASTRON and the University of Amsterdam and researcher Maarten Stol of BrainCreators about the CORTEX project