How digital inspectors perceive

All eyes on reality

Digital inspectors perceive the physical world.

Besides streams from industrial and conventional cameras, digital inspectors  can process more abstract representations such as x-rays, heat maps, radar outputs, infrared images or CT-scans. 

Intuitive interfaces provide a complete and customizable view of what digital inspectors perceive. Users can easily manipulate images for improved content visibility, quickly sort on properties and effortlessly zoom in and out or change the grid's size.

Using pre-trained image recognition algorithms, digital inspectors can instantly sort a huge number of images based on content features. This unique feature allows users to quickly sift through incoming images before and after they've been assessed.

Intelligent automation

Knowledge transfer

Behind every digital inspector is BrainMatter, a cutting edge self-learning system. It acquires the knowledge and skill to perform inspection tasks from domain experts. Knowledge is transferred to BrainMatter in a learn by example fashion.

Examples are generated from perceived images. These images can originate from existing systems in which visuals were previously captured, newly installed recording devices or partnerships with data providers.

Human domain experts enrich the images with their experience, knowledge and skill by attaching labels to the image as a whole or to a specific part of the image.

BrainMatter is developed by an expert team of AI practitioners to ensure the most efficient workflows. As a result the time required to create an effective set of examples has been reduced dramatically.

The beauty of it? You control the examples from which BrainMatter learns. Inheriting the knowledge that took your best employees years to acquire! 

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