The intelligent automation platform for visual asset inspection and monitoring.

BrainMatter performs rapid identification of physical assets, instantly checks their state against the norm, and initiates immediate action when required.







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BrainMatter for infrastructure

Building, maintaining and managing infrastructure depends heavily on labor-intensive, repetitive tasks from checking deliverables with plans to detecting malfunctions and other issues.

Misalignment can cost millions in damages when construction breaks down or destroys pipes or cables. Public safety can be at risks if defects are not identified and acted upon immediately.

BrainMatter allows for real-time identification of anomalies, maximising utilisation of human resources and allowing customers to maintain infrastructure cost-effectively.


BrainMatter for car manufacturing

Automating asset inspection requires a vast amount of deep knowledge due to product variables and ever-changing circumstances on factory floors. When manufacturers cannot detect defects at the point of production or installation, they will be unable to take immediate remedial action.

BrainMatter improves issue detection accuracy by operating around the clock and reacting to issues as they arise.

real estate

BrainMatter for real estate

Asset management in professional real estate currently requires a huge amount of human resources, systems, planning and services.

Owning, managing, maintaining or building large commercial real estate demands consistency between reality and planning.

BrainMatter automatically recognises and classifies deviations from plans and regulations, errors and other changes,triggering an immediate action based on business rules.


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How to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) without a degree in data science

There are many industries where AI is already being applied to maximise value, reduce waste and increase employee safety.
This ebook explores about how companies are already deriving value from intelligent automation in:

  • Cover_BrainMatter_Infrastructure_How to use Artificial IntelligenceInfrastructure
  • Real Estate
  • Construction

Download the ebook and find out how AI is improving human performance in real life.


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The 'INSPECH' road inspection solution provides immediate insight into which road segments are due for maintenance. If the standard is exceeded, an inspector will be informed by means of an automatic ticket, which is then forwarded to a road worker.

The system makes it possible to inspect roads more quickly, cheaply, safely and efficiently, by enabling inspectors to make decisions remotely.

BrainMatter enables Unihorn to inspect roads faster, safer and more efficiently, by enabling inspectors to make decisions remotely.

BrainMatter road inspection automation


Tata Steel

BrainMatter automates the steel surface inspection process at Tata Steel IJmuiden.

Intelligent automation resulted in:

  • More accurate pricing of coils based on quality
  • Prevention of machine malfunctions and breakdowns caused by severe steel defects
  • Moving staff out of hazardous environments
BrainMatter for steel quality inspection

real estate


  • Immediate identification of assets
  • Signaling of broken, loose or missing assets
  • Direct notification and action initiation
  • Integration with existing asset management systems (IBM Maximo)
  • Reduced risk of hazards to the public
  • Significant cost-cutting through faster processes with fewer staff on the floor.
  • More stable planning through proactive handling of issues
BrainMatter for asset monitoring

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