Meet the Team: Ozzy the AI Graduate

Meet Ozzy graduating for his Bachelor’s degree in AI
Meet Ozzy AI graduate, Braincreators

My name is Osman, but everybody calls me Ozzy. I’m 21 years old and currently graduating at BrainCreators from my Bachelor’s degree in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Why did you choose to graduate at BrainCreators?

I’ve chosen to graduate at BrainCreators, because I’ve done a research project earlier here which was a very educative time for me. The guidance throughout the project was professional and the expectations were adjusted to our skill level.

Perhaps most importantly: I could always ask any question and get a useful answer from one of the colleagues because there is a lot of expertise on AI between the walls of BrainCreators. Because of these reasons, I contacted BrainCreators for my graduation thesis. I feel like, by graduating here, I can gain more knowledge while being guided accordingly.

What are you working on?

The goal of my graduation thesis is to get better insights on the underlying effects of adversarial attacks by adversarial patches on deep neural networks. An adversarial patch attack is done by showing a – for a specific class generated – patch to a classification-algorithm (in my case deep neural networks), which causes the algorithm to misclassify what it sees. Such a patch can cause an algorithm to classify, for example, a banana as a toaster.

This phenomenon can have large and dangerous effects in real life. Think about, for example, a self-driving car that approaches a stop sign with next to it an adversarial patch, generated to represent a 80km/h sign. Instead of stopping, the car may be fooled by the patch and continue driving. In my graduation thesis, I will focus on how well these patches work in real life and what the internal effects are on a deep neural networks. Furthermore, I will be evaluating the effects on a different type of deep neural network, which is open-set instead of closed-set, and whether it yields a possible defense against such attacks.

What do you expect?

I expect my graduation thesis at BrainCreators to bring interesting discoveries and a better understanding of why algorithms are fooled so easily.

What do you want to learn?

Besides the factual knowledge, I will acquire with my own project, I also learn how it is as an AI-company like BrainCreators to interact with different clients with different problems. This is something I had experienced with my previous research project at BrainCreators. Furthermore, there are weekly workshops, which are very educative. They can broaden your view of a problem.

What is your goal?

My goal is, of course, to graduate and to get a good grade for my graduation thesis. This will be accompanied by getting new insights around my topic, which may also be interesting for (the clients of) BrainCreators. Ideally, I would like to publish the findings in my thesis, so I can help the field further in getting more understanding to eventually find robust defenses for adversarial attacks.



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