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Artificial Intelligence technology is taking the world by storm.

Machine Brains allow people and businesses to work faster, more accurately, and more reliable than ever.

Our goal is to make AI technology accessible to everyone.

We continuously expand our AI Framework to be more versatile.

Delivering simple products that solve complex problems is our business.


of our AI Framework include

Similar & Complimentary Products Recommendation

Based on an individual product image, this service classifies the product and searches for similar products. Similarity is based on numerous properties, such as shape, color and tags.

It also looks for complementary products by analyzing real life images while scanning for items that often accompany the product.

Data Cleanup & Reclassification

Big Databases are often polluted. Entries are wrongfully classified, contain errors, are duplicates or variants. This aggregates through systems, ultimately leading to a bad user experience. Correcting problems is manual work in most cases, and new data keeps adding to the problem.

Our service can automatically clean up databases and improve the overall classification of fields.

Validation & Error Correction

Data fields in online forms run a big risk of receiving erroneous data from users. Misspellings, wrong interpretations and mixed languages cost businesses all over the world a lot of time and money.

This service checks entries against a core database and corrects errors automatically. A feedback loop enables the system to learn.

Object Recognition in videos/photos

Objects in videos and still images can be accurately identified by this service. It consists of 10+ different algorithms that look for individual aspects of an item. Combined, these algorithms can identify a number of objects in a picture or scene.

Combined with the similar & complementary products recommendations this service delivers a revolutionary shopping experience.

Knowledge Representation

Deriving meaning from content opens up a new world of professional services for a.o. publishing companies. Content transformed to a Graph representation combined with an Ontology enables semantic reasoning.

Such a system can be queried for information that implicitly exists across a huge number of sources.

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